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Feel free to discuss any topic related to the Mitchell Camera. Both 35 mm and 16 mm models are welcomed here. Also consider posting topics of other major motion picture cameras that you feel are important to the development of the Mitchell Camera. Feel free to upload a photo from the option on each new post.
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Post by mediaed » Wed Dec 14, 2022 9:57 am

To all Mitchell affectionados,


All information, camera serial number graphs, features, feature archives and the camera registry is now linked to

A new site for information is being built there to replace this source in case it cannot be saved.

At present, the bulletin board feature will not be available but all the posts from the board will be available to see after the build is finalized.

A Facebook page Mitchellcamera is taking shape to replace the current forum feature and you are welcomed to join.

Thanks for your interest,

Ed Johnson, Director