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S35R take-up clutch

Posted: Mon Jun 13, 2016 12:43 am
by Emiel de Jong
I am trying to get a S35R ready for a short test: all seems fine except for the take-up tension on the film: it was pulled with way too much force out of the camera. The friction disc assembly, visible when you open the door for the inverted magazine at the back of the camera, was really dirty, so I cleaned it. After that I tried it dry: probably that is not how it was meant to work: when you adjust the thumbscrew either the slip clutch does not engage at all, or it sticks. I am reluctant to just start to put any oil or grease on it. I asked about this on and that raised a new question: if the magazine belt was not meant to be functioning as slip clutch. So: if someone can tell me how the take-up of the S35R is supposed to be functioning, and maybe what lubrication is needed on those friction discs, I will be very grateful...