1938 Ira Hoke Mitchell article on our Brochures page

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1938 Ira Hoke Mitchell article on our Brochures page

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Hello Members! We have posted a PDF scan of the 1938 American Cinematographer article which detailed the fact that the Mitchell Camera was becoming the new standard at all major Hollywood studios. I'm sure that back in the day, that this was a tremendous shock to the motion picture industry where the Bell and Howell 2709 had held the leader board for so long. See it on our Brochures page at the bottom of the listings under Miscellaneous Mitchell.

This 76 year old article is long out of print. However, keeping in mind that American Cinematographer still sells back copies, we don't think they sell this one! So we hope they won't mind the single article scan of this historical piece which contains information of enormous significance to the history of the Mitchell Camera. Mr. Hoke writes that George A. Mitchell improved plans from the patents of John E. Leonard. And you can see those original plans here on our MitchellCamrea.com Patents page.

At the time this article was written (1938), the Mitchell Camera known as the Standard had long been seen on most studio lots dating back to 1927. Because of the many built features, ease of use and ultra quiet shutter and film movement, it had become extremely popular. But it was the new model of 1934 referred to now as the BNC (but back then as the Studio Model) that really turned the industry on its ear. During the age of the sound stage when location shoots were rare, the new Studio model meet every single criteria that a production studio could want.

It was the Studio model (BNC) that made all the studios agree that this was the must have camera! Mr. Hoke is really referring to the BNC when he states that "the Mitchell Camera nears the majority" even though he pays homage to the other Mitchell models as well.

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Mitchell Nears Majority by Ira B. Hoke

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