Was the MGM "Leo" the Lion shot with a Mitchell?

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Was the MGM "Leo" the Lion shot with a Mitchell?

Post by Guest » Thu Oct 16, 2014 2:58 pm

My Brother and I have always loved the old MGM movie classics and part of the fun was the roaring Lion introduction framed by the fancy MGM coat of arms. We just loved it. Anyway, my Brother and I have a on going bet as we are both students of movie history. We found this web site and we hope you can answer our question and settle the bet. I say the famous Leo the Lion roaring scene was shot with a Mitchell and he says it was not. Who is right?

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Re: Was the MGM "Leo" the Lion shot with a Mitchell?

Post by marop » Thu Oct 16, 2014 8:41 pm

Hello. The camera in this photo is a Bell & Howell model 2709, sorry, no Mitchell here. I recall hearing somewhere that they used about 5 different lions over time, so it is safe to safe that a later lion was shot with a Mitchell, just not this one! The key and easy to see distinction is on top of the magazine, in-between the take-up and supply reel (the recessed area) you can see the knob to the screw that secures the magazine to the camera body. On the Mitchell it is in back, under the take up magazine and the screw is attached to the camera and screws into the magazine to secure it.


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