eBay MITCHELL 35mm Camera Model SS

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eBay MITCHELL 35mm Camera Model SS

Post by mitchellcamera ebay robot lister » Tue Jul 15, 2014 7:50 am

MITCHELL 35mm Motion Picture Camera System SS

eBay seller ID: kinemaman (Magna-Tech and International Cinema)
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Search auction number: 310994508969
Buy it now price: $7,500

Studio Cine Camera System
From the Golden Age of Hollywood!
Serial Number 55
Circa 1930's-1940's

If you were in the Newsreel business the Model SS was unique as it was able to record optical sound and picture in sync all on one strip of Negative film. This specimen does not include the Galvo or Record Amplifier and was used as a Studio and Location Camera during its life. It Does still contain the Sound Drum and could be completed as a Sound Camera should you desire to do so.

This camera is all original example. This camera has been fully tested and could be put into service making sharp clear images as it did nearly 70 years ago. The systems includes:

Camera Body
4 lens revolving Turret
Thru The lens L Base Rack Over viewing system
Variable 170 Degree Shutter
Footage Counter
Camera Case
Synchronous motor included with cable and control
1 Mitchell 1000 Foot Magazine
Tripod Legs
Friction Head
Directors Viewfinder
Mitchell Matt Box with Rods and Brackets
Set of 4 Lenses Bausch & Lomb BALTAR Lenses
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