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eBay Mitchell BNC 35mm Prop or Display Camera

Posted: Thu Jul 17, 2014 8:48 am
by mitchellcamera ebay robot lister
eBay seller: eyemo
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A Mitchell BNC 35mm camera blimp that can be used as a prop camera or for display (on a period film set, for a camera collector or on display in a shop, cinema or restaurant). There is no mechanism or controls in this item so therefore it cannot be used as a viable camera. Cosmetically, the camera shows signs of moderate usage, with paint loss in places.

The camera comes with a Mitchell blimp body, a film magazine blimp, motor blimp (not the correct one for the body, but I attached it so it looks good for display), swing-away Mitchell mattebox, Mitchell director's viewfinder and a Bausch & Lomb Baltar 50mm f/2.3 lens.

The camera looks good as a display piece and the lens completes the display. The camera looks like a working camera to the untrained eye and makes an impressive display due to its size. The Mitchell BNC was the camera of choice from the 1930's through to the 1960's in Hollywood and other studios around the world. Most of the major movies from that period were filmed on a Mitchell BNC.

The magazine blimp is serial number 260 and was purchased by Loew's Inc in June 1959. The outfit is very heavy and can either be collected from the North of England or shipped at the buyers expense. The outfit will need to be shipped in two cartons.